120 Minutes Rated Fire Shutters

Westwood Security Ltd are a leading UK provider of 120 Minutes Fire Rated Shutters.

Established in 1994, Westwood’s 120 Minutes Rated Fire Shutters are manufactured at our own factory in the North West of England. We offer a supply only or a supply and install Fire Shutters service with a quick turnaround and high quality customer service.

We will provide a full quote for 120 Minutes Rated Fire Shutters within 1 Hour.

People expect to be safe from fire when they are in a building. To meet these expectations, your fire protection products must have been adequately tested to prove that they will work correctly. Westwood 120 Minutes Rated Fire Shutters are designed for use between compliant walls and fire rated compartments, to restrict the passage of fire from one area to another.

120 Minutes Rated Fire Shutters

All 120 Minutes Rated Fire Shutters are tested at Exova Fire Global Safety to ensure compliance with exacting industry standards. These products are certified to provide a minimum of 120 Minutes fire resistance. There are many areas where fire resistance testing is required by national and international building regulations.

Atex Certified Motors available in our Fire Shutters

Please feel welcome to contact us over any matter that may occur to you. We are a friendly, approachable company and are more than willing to to help in any way.

Westwood manufacture and install Fire Shutters, Fire Curtains and Smoke Curtains certified to BSEN 1634-1 by Exova Fire and Safety.

Please call or email your enquiry. We are here to help and offer you the very best products at a realistic cost.

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We welcome trade and export enquires for our 120 Minutes Rated Shutters and we ship worldwide.


Well constructed 120 Minutes rated fire resistant products facilitate the safe exit of people when there is a fire. They also tend to control and minimise damage to effected areas as they prevent fire or smoke spreading whilst they can also protect neighbouring properties from damage. Westwood Security 120 Minutes Fire Rated Shutters are ideal for use in conjunction with the existing and new fire alarm systems. Normal configuration allows the 120 Minutes fire rated shutters to either open or close on a command from the fire alarm, thus providing a barrier or, if applicable, allowing safe evacuation of the building.

Westwood Security 120 Minutes Fire Rated Roller Shutters are tested to BSEN 1634-1 at Exova Warrington Fire Global Safety.

Correct installation of fire door assemblies is fundamental to their overall performance of 120 Minutes rated fire shutters in the event of a fire and should only be carried out by competent experienced professionals. Our engineers have been trained to the standards required to meet FIRAS requirements. Third party accreditation of installers is covered by Approved Document B of Building Regulations.

FIRAS is a certification scheme from Exova Warrington Fire for companies installing fire protection products and systems. A FIRAS certificate is a measure of installer competency, thus providing confidence to specifiers, enforcement authorities, building owners and occupiers.

The installation of a 120 Minutes rated fire shutter and its supporting structure is subject to building control regulations and if doubt exists as to the correct product to use, it is important to seek guidance from a Building Control or Fire Officer.

Please note that 120 Minutes rated fire shutters cannot be affixed to lightweight and hollow blocks. Please contact us for advice on fitting and for structural recommendations. Please note: Westwood Security Shutters Ltd does not wire back to the fire alarm system. This is the responsibility of the fire alarm engineer to supply (if required), control and commission.

Additional Options for 120 Minutes Rated Fire Shutters

  • Fusible links localised at the shutter, designed to melt at 68 degrees centigrade
  • When links melted, a signal is sent to close the shutter
  • Powder coated finishes
  • Smoke sensor
  • Heat sensors
  • Emergency battery backup

Westwood Roller Doors are the perfect Security Shutters for Shop Shutters and other commercial applications. We also supply Fire Rated Shutters at competitive prices.

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